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“It’s not the very first time that I resort to the help of pheromones – but it’s the very first time that I really see them work! When I hit the club, some chicks even run away from their rich boyfriends sitting in the VIP and join ME! Thank you for your Ultra Allure, guys – it is great!“

- Leon from Toronto

“I can’t say I’m a handsome guy – so I always had to rely on my good nature and sense of humor when hooking up girls :) Ultra Allure helps me a lot now – no new jokes needed… ;) Thanx!”

- CJ from California

“I have a truly huge experience of using pheromones – and I say that the worst thing about most of them is that you never know whether they will work for you or not… Ultra Allure is different though – it hasn’t failed a single time so far!”

- Scotty from Massachusetts

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You have it in you... with Ultra Allure Pheromones

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From now on you will be able to radiate sexuality – and make any woman feel it and submit to your irresistible attractiveness. Pick them up wherever you want it – in clubs, in bars, at work, right in the street – just anywhere! And you won’t even have to pull anything unordinary to attract their attention and make them desire you – simply because Ultra Allure pheromones will do it all for you!

Numerous scientific researches carried out during 20th and 21st centuries have shown that it is the pheromones that are responsible for increasing sexual desire and attracting the individuals of the opposite sex. We are putting this theoretical knowledge into practical use – with our 100% efficient attractant formula!

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Best male pheromone formulaUltra Allure is a brand-new pheromone formula that is guaranteed to work!

The popularity of pheromones is growing higher and higher every day – more and more men are discovering the hidden capacity of them and using them to attract new women… Of course, the variety of pheromone blends offered on the Web today is huge – but in fact, all those blends are not really that different from each other.

We chose not to stick to the easy way and, instead of giving a new brand name to an old compound, we created a brand-new revolutionary formula, possessing the qualities that all other pheromone blends were lacking – a formula that is a hundred times more powerful than any other!

We used Tommy Boy perfume by Tommy Hilfiger as the base – and dissolved a blend of the most potent pheromones in it… The results were just amazing! There are lots of women who love Tommy Boy itself – but our little addition made 100% of the ladies who took part in the testing process admit that the scent they felt from the object was “extremely pleasant and arousing”… The guys who were the “objects” of the testing were having the time of their lives…

The power of pheromones has been admitted by world’s leading scientists – and the information about it regularly leaks out into this or that media edition. Here are just a few extracts out of newspaper and magazine articles and TV shows that we managed to come across during our research:

McCalls's magazine:
"Pheromones seem to have some magic power over women – the subconscious signals they send trigger romantic emotions that one just isn’t able to resist..."

The Los Angeles Times:
"Scientific studies show that men who use synthesized pheromones appear to be more sexually attractive than those who don’t."

"Even though pheromones have no detectable odor, they possess immense power to increase sex drive in females… A group of scientists from the University of Chicago have proved this fact – and are ready to come out with the detailed description of physical processes triggered by these “magic airborne chemicals”.”

Ultra Allure Pheromones: as seen on TV!
And these are just a tiny part of all publications that have been made recently…

TESTIMONIAL: "I’m a regular club goer, one of very few who admit that their main aim is picking up girls at the rave… Believe it or not, but with Ultra Allure I’m starting to feel I’m irresistible."

TESTIMONIAL: "Ultra Allure hasn’t just made me more popular among women – I guess it’s due to it that I’m in good terms with my boss and all of my clients! "

Here at this website we supply all the products that we sell with a 100% moneyback guarantee – so you run absolutely no risks!

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